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General Sponsorships

The conference sponsorship program is designed to provide maximum visibility and recognition.


All Access Pass ($15,000)

Conference badge, distributed to all conference attendees at registration, will display sponsor logo on front and conference schedule on the back side. Branded lanyard included.


All-Day Beverage Station ($15,000)

Branded beverage station outside of general session will be available during all sessions on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Includes branded coffee cups and prominent signage.


General Session Seating ($15,000)

Capture attendees’ attention daily in general session. Sponsor logo placed on chair-back covers and highboy tables in the rear of  general session. 


Check-in Experience ($12,500)

Company logo will be imprinted on hotel room keys, distributed to all hotel guests in branded key packet. Venue map will be branded with sponsor logo. Also includes branded welcome beverage station in hotel lobby on Monday and Tuesday.


Conference Attendee App ($12,500)*

The Conference App will be the main tool for attendees to connect, build their schedule, and stay up to date on conference events throughout the week.  Includes branded splash screen (viewable every time app is opened), link to sponsor website via home page icon, multiple rotating banner ads throughout the app and recognition on app launch emails.

* 71% of attendees logged into the app in 2019

Keynote ($12,500)*

Company logo will be displayed during keynote session. Includes the option for company representative to introduce session, branded company notebook with pen distributed to all attendees and conference app push notification to advertise session. Session sponsors will not have input on keynote selection.

* Two available sponsorships

Registration Bags ($12,500)

Company logo will be displayed on registration bag, distributed to all conference attendees at registration. 


Conference Wireless Internet ($10,000)

Placard with company logo will be distributed to each attendee highlighting sponsorship of guest room internet and wireless internet in meeting space. Company logo and link featured on mobile app internet icon.

Mirror Signage ($10,000)

Custom cling placed on each hotel room’s bathroom mirror. Maximize your visibility with can’t miss branding! Sponsor to provide graphics for signage; conference to provide cling and installation.


Wednesday Lunch ($10,000)

Prominent signage and extras at the all-attendee lunch.


Conference Survival Kit ($7,500)

Company branding on reusable travel pouch featuring meeting survival essentials, such as sunscreen, pain reliever, mints, etc.


Late Night Munchies ($7,500)

Company branding with late night snack delivered to each attendee guest room.


Monday Registration Welcome ($7,500)

Prominent signage at conference registration desk in the main hotel lobby bar area, featuring drinks and snacks.


Water Bottle Sponsor ($7,500)

Branded water bottle to be distributed to attendees in the conference bag. Water stations will be available in all conference areas for refilling.


Wednesday Evening Afterhours Event ($7,500)

The lobby bar at our host hotel is always the hottest networking spot at the conference! Attendees will receive a sponsor-branded complimentary drink ticket redeemable on Wednesday evening after the opening dinner. Includes cocktail napkins and bar signage.

Breakfast ($5,000/Wednesday or Thursday or $8,000/ Wednesday & Thursday)

Branded breakfast table tents and prominent signage with company logo will be displayed in buffet area.

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Charging Lounge ($6,000)*

Branded charging lounge located outside of the general session in the foyer spaces for attendees to relax and charge their electronic devices.

* Four available sponsorships
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Meeting Space ($5,000/day or $12,500 for all three days)*

Host private meetings in conference rooms conveniently close to the general session space Tuesday through Thursday. Conference-style seating for up to 15 people. Sponsor responsible for any audio-visual or food and beverage charges.

* Four rooms available

Turn Down Sponsor ($5,000)

Branded Do-Not-Disturb door hanger card combined with a branded pillow treat (Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday) with VIP turn-down service. Can be supplemented with sponsor-provided branded item.

Health & Safety ($4,000)

Branded face mask and hand sanitizer provided for all attendees at registration.


Luggage Tag ($4,000)

Branded luggage tag placed on attendees' bags upon arrival at resort. Also includes sponsorship of the bag-check station made available to departing attendees on Thursday.

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Panel Session Sponsorship ($4,000)*

Company logo will be displayed during selected panel presentation. Includes the option for company representative to introduce the panelists and session. Also includes conference app push notification to advertise session. Session sponsors will not have input as to panel topic or panelist selection.

* Five available sponsorships

Snack Breaks ($3,000/daily or $7,500/ Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday)

Snack break will be held outside of the general session. Signage with company logo will be displayed on snack stands and napkins. 

General Room Drop ($2,500)

Opportunity to drop marketing materials and/or a logo promotion item in each attendee guest room. Limited to one item/bundle, i.e., one flyer, packaged giveaway, etc. Sponsor to provide item for delivery.


Daily Update ($2,000 per day/$5,000 all days)

Nightly electronic update to include next day’s sessions and activities, branded with sponsor logo, delivered to each attendee via email and conference app (Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday).

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General Session Chair Drop ($1,500)*

Drop marketing materials or a logo promotional item during the General Session on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

* Five available sponsorships

Weather Sponsor ($1,500)

Branded card featuring tomorrow’s forecast nightly on each attendee’s pillow ( Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday). Can be supplemented with sponsor-provided branded item.

Registration Bag Insert ($1,000)

Include marketing materials or a logo promotion item in the registration bag, distributed to all conference attendees at registration. Size restrictions may apply.