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Health & Safety

Our preparatory efforts continue to prioritize the health and safety of conference attendees. In order to provide a safe meeting environment aligned with current guidance, we will continue to assess the ongoing impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic by activly monitoring at the federal, state and municipal levels. Please read OCC’s COVID-19 policy for Event attendees as set out below. 

Participation Policy

1. OCC encourages attendees to be fully vaccinated and requests they monitor their health status leading up to and during the Event. Individuals who (i) test positive for COVID-19; (ii) know or have reason to believe they have been exposed to someone with COVID-19; or (iii) experience any COVID-19 symptoms (e.g., cough, fever, sore throat) during or 14 days prior to the Event will not be able to attend the Event. Refunds will be provided for individuals who experience any of the items listed in (i)-(iii) above and are therefore not able to attend the Event. 

2. Those who do not agree to comply with this policy will not be eligible to attend the Event. If payment for the Event has already processed and the individual does not consent to the policy, OCC will refund the registration fee. 

3. Local and Venue health and safety requirements may change between the date of registration and the date of the Event. OCC reserves the right to require attendees to follow additional health and safety measures as required by applicable law or the Venue, or as it deems prudent. 

Liability Release and Waiver

As a part of the registration process, all atendees must attest that they agree to the Policy and Liability Waiver in order to attend the 2022 Options Industry Conference.  Attendees that have already registered will receive an email with the Policy and Liability Waiver atttached and attest via their reply. 

 A full version of the Policy and Liability Waiver can be found HERE